Sunday, July 24, 2016

I am the kind of reader that needs to be reading the right book at the right time. So, I have a lot of false starts. I begin books with the best intentions, but end up not "feeling" it and trying something else. I don't get rid of the discarded book, because it might end up being the right book at some later time. I suppose I have a weird relationship with books; they are emotional objects. Once I've read something, it is definitely a part of of my life forever. Especially with my poetry books, giving them away feels like they are being ripped from me. I mourn them. So it makes perfect sense that the book I am currently reading needs to "click" with me. I am, essentially, in a relationship with them.

Working on my writing is becoming more of a priority. I can see clearly that my future is in that world, so motivation is less of a problem. I am taking it slow, so I don't freak myself out. It is important I start sending poems out again, so I will take Wednesdays to do that. Having poems out in the world for consideration feels like I am a part of something, instead of living on the fringes, holed up in my apartment.

Peace and Love,

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