Friday, September 23, 2016

Why does life always intrude on my good intentions?

- I will attempt a poem a day in October. I will make it a priority, as I don't always take myself seriously as an artist. I will try for weekly updates.

-How do you feel about finishing every book you start? There is a book that I have tried to read many times. Currently, I have made it about halfway through the book and it has taken a couple of months. It is a struggle to stay interested.  Many people would say to abandon it, but I have invested so much time into it that not finishing would mean I have wasted the last two months. I have purchased a new novel I am anxious to begin, so I am using it as a reward to finish up this current biography. Can I push through and finish it by the end of September? I'm going to try and will let you know how it goes.

-I have a chapbook manuscript in process and feel it is time to just stop writing new poems and work with what is currently there. I am going to begin working on this project a few days per week to get it ready to send to competitions and open reading periods. I am not going to worry about being perfect and trust that I will find the right publisher to help the manuscript become what it's meant to be.

-Tomorrow, September 23, 2016, I will begin teaching a four-week poetry writing class. I think it will be fun and give me an opportunity to focus on poetry I didn't write.

Fall is officially here in Bemidji. I plan to enjoy it and hope you do as well!

Peace and Love,