Saturday, March 11, 2017

I often feel that I am not a real poet. I do not give myself permission to spend time working on my craft, which causes anxiety and depression. I am a perfectionist, which means I am fearful of vulnerability and use that fear as an excuse to not put myself out there as a poet.

This time of my life is over.

There will be poetry every day in some form. The only specific commitment I am making at this time is to submit work on Mondays. Publishing is something I have thought and worried about for a long time, so the time has come to just do it. Yes, I am afraid.I will submit anyway. This is the only way to move through the fear and conquer it. I am terrified of coming to the end of my life and realizing I didn't accomplish anything. I don't need to be the best and brightest poet out there. What I want is to know that I tried and that my nieces and nephews saw me work for what I wanted.

My goal is to create a life in poetry, but I need to develop it slowly if I am to succeed. For now I will post on Mondays after submitting my work and build from there. I hope to acquire some readers for this blog, so stay tuned!

Peace & Love,

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